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The Onion Creek Farms Story...

boys-in-boat-thm.jpgWe believe that the family is a circle of strength and love. The center of that circle always seems to be the kitchen. Cooking is a family affair at Onion Creek Farms and we hope to share this love with you. There are no happier times than when we are preparing meals with family and friends, sharing stories, laughter and great food.

Onion Creek Farms is a company born from that love of cooking, from the kitchen to the barbecue to starlit evenings along side the campfire. Sometimes those family campfire conversations nurture ideas to share something wonderful. This is the case with Onion Creek Farms.

The "Boys In The Boat", cousins Jake, Matt and Joe, are enjoying a peaceful morning fishing on Great Grandpa Carl's boat. Look for them on every Onion Creek Product and share their adventure.

We are looking forward to becoming part of your cooking experience and helping to create new memories with you.

Thank you for visiting. Warm Regards!

The Onion Creek Farms Family